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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Storage Testing
This page answers some common questions regarding the certification testing of storage drivers and hardware. If you have other questions for Novell about storage testing, please feel free to contact us.
  Correct test kit version
  The kind of configuration to use in testing
  Certifying a particular configuration not listed
  Problems performing drive fault testing
questions and answers
  1. Which version of the test kit should I use?

  2. What kind of configuration should I use for testing my product?

  3. If the exact configuration I want to certify does not appear on one of your diagrams, how can I get my particular setup certified?

      Our certification tests are meant to verify the compatibility of the item under test with NetWare in a fashion that best or most easily manifests problems, not necessarily how you sell it or present it to your customers. In order to obtain certification of your particular product, you need to conform your configuration to our diagrams the best you could. As we are always aware there will be exceptions, if you feel your configuration should qualify for one, please contact us at hbasup@novell.com to address your particular situation.

  4. When I power down (or up) the drive under test during the Drive Fault Test, why does a) another of my drives deactivate or b) my system reboot or hang or c) my SYS: volume dismount due to drive failure?

      Often these symptoms are a result of a ground loop caused by the sharing of the same power supply by the test drive with another drive or the system. The inductive "kick" that results from applying or terminating power to a device suddenly will cause a power spike to propagate throughout the power system. For safe drive fault testing, we recommend very strongly that you supply power to the test drive with a power supply independent of the system's power supply. When using an isolated power supply, remember to provide the minimum load to the supply sufficient to maintain the specified voltage.