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Update Your NetWare 3.12 or 4.11 Server to Work With NWPA
These links provide a way to run NWPA drivers with NetWare 3.12 and 4.11, which originally did not adequately support drivers of that architecture. First download the NWPA Update Package, which is a DOS executable, self-extracting file containing update modules, then read the instructions on how to use the file and install the modules for your particular NetWare version.

Note: The NWPA Update Package has been tested to function without problems on NetWare 4.10 as well, but the intended targets for the Package are primarily NetWare 3.12 and 4.11.

the update package
  NWPA Update Package
  NWPA Update Package Installation Instructions for NetWare 3.12
  NWPA Update Package Installation Instructions for NetWare 4.11

Note: The modules listed on this site are provided as a courtesy to the general public, but are not necessarily released as finished products, and are therefore not supported. Novell, Inc., provides no documentation of any kind for any of the modules listed on this site. They are provided as-is, and as such are applied at the user's own risk.