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LAN Adapter Development

Novell LAN Driver provide I/O access in a NetWare OS Environment through ODI (Open Data-Link Interface) and/or CIOS (Consolidated I/O System) architecture.

what you can do

  • Build ODI LAN Driver Components that will run on NetWare 4.x, NetWare 5.x, and NetWare 6.x operating systems.
  • Build CIOS LAN Driver Components that will run on future versions of Novell operating systems.

build a LAN driver

ODI LAN Driver Components - Developer services provides a comprehensive developer kit for LAN driver development including sample code, header files, specifications, and documentation.

YES certify your LAN adapters

ODI and CIOS LAN Test Tools - Developer services provides test tools and methodologies to prepare your LAN Drivers for Novell YES CERTIFIED certification.

Novell publishes information concerning tested and approved products in the form of Bulletins available for viewing and printing from our YES CERTIFIED Bulletin Search site. Bulletins are also included in the world-wide marketing efforts of Novell, Inc.

Find out how YES certification can help you.


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To perform an advanced search based on keyword, company, Novell product, software/hardware, or date, visit the YES CERTIFIED Bulletin Search page.

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